‘Tom has helped us realize a work that is entirely original and in some ways site-specific. He has brought perceptiveness and grace to an idea that took flight in his hands. The result was remarked upon by a major collector of conceptual art who is a friend of ours: ‘I feel as if I am looking at music incarnate, probably Mozart if I had to guess…’ (Avignon, France)



    ‘Art enables both the artist and the viewer(s) to be transported to another dimension. That is exactly what Tom’s unicorn does. It brings a touch of ‘magic’ to our park and has captured the imagination of all those who have seen it – from 3 year olds to 93 year olds.’ (Le Thor, France)

  • GANG OF THREE, 2017

    GANG OF THREE, 2017

    Gang of Three, magically captures each of our children individually and collectively. They all now live and work away from home , but the sculpture sits on our kitchen table, appropriately and beautifully right at the heart of the home’. (West Cork, Ireland).



    ‘Buying a sculpture was not on my mind in any way when I visited Stody Park early in the summer of 2017 but I was completely entranced by the calmness, sadness and thoughtfulness of ‘Many Become One’. I am profoundly touched by it every day. Even the most cynical of visitors all express a deep fascination for it. To have produced an object in such a hard and severe material as Corten steel that glows with feeling and emotion is quite remarkable and shows the unique skill that Tom has.’ (Leicestershire, UK)



    ‘She is serene and breathtakingly beautiful, and is now the centrepiece of our transformed London garden.’ (Chiswick, UK).



    ‘Apparently languid but ever alert, Marmalade captures the feline spirit and form to perfection. He is a wonderful addition to the household and as the light catches him he glows in various hues of orange, purple and green.  He is a truly gorgeous and tactile work of art.’ (Wiltshire UK)

  • HEAD SPACE, 2015

    HEAD SPACE, 2015

    ‘Each time I look at it, the perspective and light change, as does the visual effect, so it never looks the same twice. I am delighted that I took the plunge in buying it and wish I had some extra money to buy another one’. (Hampstead, UK)

  • BEING ME, 2014

    BEING ME, 2014

    ‘Your art lends just the perfect touch of contemporary lightness and whimsy to our home. Each and every day we get to enjoy your works, as do our guests. Your art always makes us smile! Thank you. (Philadelphia, USA)

  • SIX ON A BENCH, 2015

    SIX ON A BENCH, 2015

    ‘I was immediately drawn to Tom’s work and the intimacy of the moment it captured.  I get joy from it every day’. (Dublin, Ireland)



    I find my sculpture of 'My Space' constantly fascinating, as the light changes, and different facets of the whole are revealed. As an artist myself, I am very moved by its vulnerability and simplicity. (Shropshire, UK).



    ‘Outside In’ is an intriguing piece of contemporary sculpture that reflects our interest in the way we think as humans about life and the world around us.’ (Wiltshire, UK)



    Marmalade has settled well here in Australia and enjoys the Perth sunshine. He has a couple of favourite spots, sometimes the Aboriginal setting over the Chinese cabinet but also the corner coffee table. Anyway, a much loved member of our family. Many thanks. Ron and Jill Smart. (Apple ross, Western Australia)



    My husband and I are fortunate enough to own one of Toms acrylic sculptures. From the moment I saw it I knew it was something we had to have. Tom had recreated in 3D a photograph of our three children sitting side by side, a pose we have repeated with them for more then 20 years. Tom agreed to scale down the piece to suit the space we had available. Our family is totally delighted with the sculpture and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Tom. (Hampstead, London)



    Having decided that we would like a statue commissioned to ensure that our dogs remained in our thoughts and hearts, I set about researching potential artists.  I knew that I wanted a contemporary sculpture and eventually came across Toms work - which I immediately fell in love with.


    Its fair to say that, initially, Tom was slightly sceptical of branching out into the world of canines, but he was kind enough to listen to my thoughts and I persuaded him to embark on a new journey.


    And what a journey it has been, culminating in two sculptures that reflect our dogs perfectly.  Toms attention to detail is second to none and his patience seemingly limitless!  He engaged with us throughout the journey, tried different processes to capture our dogs’ mannerisms, encouraged feedback and listened to it and, above all else, left us in no doubt that our project was very important to him.


    The end result is superb: we all love looking at our dogs in metal form.  And Tom has become a friend of the family.


    Thank you again, Tom, from all of us” (Berkshire, UK)



    We started working with Tom in late 2018 on a concept which was close to all of our hearts. It was to commission a sculpture which had a spiritual and universal theme but which would blend into our new garden without making too overt a statement. To call it a collaboration would be too strong, Tom had been evolving the genesis of his idea for some time but we were able collaboratively to arrive at a final artwork which far exceeded our aspirations. In summary, our experience was that Tom has the rare combination of abilities to both create a unique concept and then meticulously execute on it. A tribute to its success is that as time passes it only grows more beautiful and natural in its setting. (Wantage, UK)

  • ONE IV

    ONE IV

    Finding a birthday present for my husband’s 70th birthday was never going to be easy but more so because we were living through the Covid 19 pandemic and I couldn’t go shopping.  The challenge was resolved when my husband showed me a small piece in the Sunday Times about an award- winning British sculptor called Tom Hiscocks.  We spent the afternoon looking at his amazing work online and there began the start of our love for one particular sculpture – One IV.


    Tom responded immediately to our enquiry and after commissioning him to create our sculpture he kept in regular contact with us.  This included sending us videos of the various stages of the making of our One IV with a detailed commentary explaining these stages. 


    We now have our One IV and he’s placed on a deep window sill where the morning sunlight catches the beautiful colours of the copper and shows off the beautiful lines of the sculpture.  My husband is delighted with his sculpture and I know it will always be treasured by us and for generations to come.  


    Anne and Ken (Ribble Valley)